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Sammy to my Dean
Bobby to my Rufus
Kirk to my McCoy


what if Sam had boykinged up and taken over Hell and then destroyed it from within with his law skills

digging up all the ancient rules and exploiting loopholes to screw up the system until none of the demons can get anything done

"whoops, looks like that contract violated clause 92b, guess she gets to keep her soul after all"

"excuse me but have you filed the paperwork for this eternal torment here"

 A B A D D O N  -  The Destroyer  -  angel of the abyss


"free speech" is my fav. thing nerds resort to to defend their opinions they’re literally saying "I am completely out of coherent defences for my opinion so I’m just going to state that it’s not legal for you to arrest me for it" am i supposed to respond with "its ok im not a cop" or what i dunno


No, I’m not like you. This is not going to be my life.

official comic con posters for all three hobbit films